Microsoft Teams

Teams Premium vs Teams Standard: do you need to upgrade?

Organizations of all sizes benefit from the features Microsoft Teams offers to support teams to communicate, stay on top of tasks, and collaborate efficiently and effectively.

Now that Microsoft has released its new version, Microsoft Teams Premium, many businesses are wondering if they should upgrade and enjoy extra features and capabilities, such as increased security, custom branding, and advanced analytics. Let’s take a look at Teams Premium and what it has to offer your business.

Microsoft Teams Premium overview

Microsoft Teams facilitates effortless cooperation across teams and divisions. It has a wide selection of capabilities, such as connections to other productivity programs, robust capabilities for successful inter-team communication, and the potential to create automated processes.

Teams Premium has been designed to take these features further, to offer companies more control over their teams and the platform. These features include:

  • Advanced analytics: gain a deeper comprehension of your team’s performance by obtaining a detailed analysis of user behavior, track time spent on tasks, the number of messages sent, and more. Additionally, these insights can be used to identify areas of development and improve collaboration, productivity, engagement, and other areas.
  • Custom branding: personalize your Microsoft Teams experience with custom branding for your business. This feature allows you to create a distinct identity for your team that is consistent across all channels, such as audio/video calls and chats.
  • Meeting guides: users can select the most appropriate meeting experience for their needs, such as a client call, help desk support, brainstorming session, etc.
  • Advanced meeting protection: security is enhanced meetings where confidential information is discussed, such as financial meetings or intellectual property discussions. Only authorized recording devices are given permission to be used, and watermarks can be added to ensure privacy is maintained.
  • Advanced webinars: provide virtual green rooms for hosts and presenters, automated reminder emails, and a registration waitlist.
  • AI-generated tasks: artificial intelligence is used to create action items from meetings, which can be shared to ensure tasks are completed on time.
  • Intelligent recap: summarizes key points and captures essential elements of the meeting.
  • AI-powered live translation: live captioned translations of forty spoken languages are available.

Advantages of upgrading to MS Teams Premium

Now that we’re familiar with the features of the premium version of Microsoft Teams, let’s take a closer look at the advantages that it provides businesses:

Enhanced communication: Teams Premium features promote seamless and efficient communication among different teams and departments. These features allow teams to work more effectively together, no matter the dispersion of employees, to ensure the delivery and completion of projects and important tasks, detect areas that require development and develop more effective procedures.

Leverage efficiency: With the premium version, extra functionalities are available to assist in optimizing output. These include enhanced analytics, the possibility of establishing automated processes, and comprehensive communication abilities.

Increased security: Businesses can ensure private information on calls, meetings, and chats are always maintained, thereby preventing the stealing of intellectual property and upholding conformance to data privacy regulations.

Does your business need Microsoft Teams Premium?

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