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Outsourced IT Support: Fractional Chief Information Officers

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We offer an on-demand CIO with decades of experience who understands business objectives and provides technology strategies to support those objectives. The key business benefit of retaining and outsourcing to a Fractional CIO is that they provide the same expertise, services, and capability of a full-time CIO without the associated level of overhead and benefits associated with adding another top-level executive. mimrTechnologies’ CIOs partner with your senior leadership team during periods of transition, growth, and development phases to align technology, business goals, and strategies to ensure profitability in the marketplace. 

Outsourced IT Support: Interim CIO & CTOS

An Interim CIO is a Chief Information Officer who provides support to a business either for a short time period, or they work to fill a gap in business needs at a company for an indefinite amount of time.

Interim CIO services mainly include leading the business’ technology strategy. Oftentimes, this means ensuring that the business and the IT department are perfectly aligned.

Chief Information Officer ensuring that the business and the IT department are perfectly aligned

Why Outsource Your IT Service Provider?

There are a number of reasons your business may need to hire an Interim CIO, from an executive suddenly leaving, to company expansion, to a big IT infrastructure change looming in the near future.

1) Your Last CIO/CTO Suddenly Left

If your business finds itself in a spot where it needs to be quickly outsourcing IT services because your last CIO left, then an interim CIO/CTO may be the perfect solution. Most interim CIOs will work with a specific company and provide support for 3-6 months before moving on. This allows your business an adequate amount of time to interview numerous candidates and hire the right person. Oftentimes, the outsourced CIO will also work with the newly hired CIO to get them “up to speed” on your business’ technology.

Additionally, your outsourced CIO will also act as a managed service provider (MSP) by taking on both the day-to-day tasks and longer-term tasks for your IT support.

2) Your Business Is Quickly Growing

It’s possible that you didn’t have a CIO in the past, but your company is rapidly growing and you find that you need someone to take care of network monitoring, managed services, operating costs, and establishing an effective help desk.

If that sounds like your business, then this is the perfect moment to hire some outsourced IT support so the interim CIO can put their effective IT strategies into place (and save you a headache throughout the process).

3) Your Business Needs Infrastructure Changes

Maybe your company has a fantastic CIO already, but your business needs some significant infrastructure changes for your support and services to reach “the next level.”

Hiring an Interim CIO as a consultant on your team can help your business make a seamless transition as its systems change. The CIO will bring their expertise to your company and help your current CIO learn for the future. The transition will also happen more quickly if you’re relying on someone who has helped numerous companies with transitions similar to yours, which will save you time and money in the long run.

4) Less Overhead

Although many companies hire an interim CIO to only work with them for a couple of months, your business could choose to hire a Fractional CIO instead. They’ll often fulfill all of the initial setup duties that an Interim CIO would do, but FCIOs continue to work with your company even after the setup phase.

This ongoing relationship benefits businesses because your FCIO will have a deep understanding of your systems, so it won’t take them long to fix any problems that may arise. However, since the FCIO isn’t a salaried employee at your company, your business will save money by reducing overhead and executive benefits.

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Our Story

Operating within today’s IT market, we recognized the opportunity to impact small to midsize businesses by offering our skills and expertise. Our goal is to provide enterprises with outsourced IT services to focus on their organizations’ needs. At the same time, we stay up-to-date on the latest emergence of technologies, security, vulnerabilities, regulations, software, and compliance. Our focus is on Web Application Development, Infrastructure Procurement & Management, Secure Web Hosting, Quality Assurance & Testing, and OCIO / “Fractional CIO” Support. Our mission is to empower business owners with the knowledge and technical expertise to facilitate growth. Read more about our story.

Our Fractional CIO offers many benefits

High-Level Expertise

Our CIOs stay on top of emerging technologies. They continue to grow and learn by considering changes in policies and what are considered best practices. Our outsourced CIOs contain over 10 years of experience in various industries and are able to provide your team with different perspectives and added advantages of working with leaders who strive to stay ahead of innovation.

Information Technology Governance

Our CIOs know how to minimize risk while maintaining organizational value from technology spending to achieving business objectives. Periods of transition, growth, and development can expose businesses to potential risks. Our consultants will ensure an organization is protected during these phases by providing technology and informational risk assessments and developing and implementing governance and controls.

Technical Leadership

During periods of growth or shrinking pains, businesses may find themselves without experienced IT leadership. A skill gap will prevent companies from meeting their goals and remaining competitive. Outsourcing to our fractional CIOs can provide leaders with expert IT strategies and direction, decreasing stress on leadership and in-house IT staff.


Every organization needs a robust technology strategy and influential technology leaders; however, not all can afford a full-time CIO. Our Fractional Chief Officers can work on an interim, part-time, project, or full-time basis; all focused on meeting our client’s needs by saving them time and money.

Information Technology Mentors

In addition to partnering with business leadership, our CIOs are dedicated to developing, coaching, and mentoring in-house IT staff. Unfortunately, in-house IT staff often lack the ability or foresight to establish a technological roadmap that creates strategic growth for businesses. With outsourced IT support, our fractional CIO’s view improves both long- and short-term innovation, market opportunities, and effectiveness.

Cybersecurity Best Practices

Businesses that aren’t aware or worried about their cybersecurity posture should be. With the rise of malware, ransomware attacks, and other attack vectors, it’s imperative that businesses implement necessary cybersecurity measures. As a managed service provider and as a part of our IT services, our fractional CIOs can establish a robust cybersecurity program that will help reduce risks and maintain employee and client confidence.

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